Bosniak – Serb Dialogue

Diaglogue of young politicians from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegov

Western Balkans is a region with turbulent recent past. Over the past decade various project have been designed to try to mend the broken ties between ethnic collectives in and between the countries of the region. Rationale behind such projects was that alleviating tensions between these groups will catalyse the stability and peace in the region. Foundation decided to approach the issue on a different level than other actors by engaging and involving in the project the youth of political parties in the region. Intention was to bring together representatives of democratic political parties from across the whole spectrum and to jointly work on issues important for the region, countries, parties and ethnicities those participants come from.

Seminars are organized twice a year, once in Serbia and once in Bosnia, at different places and localities throughout these two countries. During these two-day events, participants discuss and debate various issues with prominent and interesting lecturers and experts.

Project has been going on since 2011 during which twelve events were organized with more than 200 young politicians taking part in it.

Adnan Huskic

Adnan Husic